Woman bravely fights off robbers in Cebu

Image capture from Rudlyn Cortes Mistula's video via Facebook
  • A brave woman fought off two robbers in Mandaue, Cebu
  • Despite getting hurt, she refused to let go of her bag
  • She said the bag contains important things

MANILA, Philippines  –  A woman bravely fought off two male robbers who tried to take her bag in Mandaue City, Cebu last Tuesday.

A CCTV of the incident was shared on Facebook by netizen Rudlyn Cortes Mistula of Cortes Subdivision in Baslak. It happened around 10:40 pm, according to the post.

In the video, two motorcycle-riding men can be seen roaming around the area. One of them alighted and approached the unsuspecting victim.

Then the man grabbed the woman’s bag but she refused to let go; prompting the suspect to whack her arms several times using the handle of what looked like a gun.

Despite getting hurt, the woman still held on to her bag until she lost her footing and fell down to the ground; still refusing to give up. She was dragged by a few meters with the robber still repeatedly hitting her arms.

Fortunately, some residents came out after hearing the commotion outside; leaving the robber with no other option but to flee empty-handed.

ABS-CBN News identified the woman as Janet Quevedo.

When asked why she refused to let go of her bag, Quevedo said it contains things that are very important to her.

Police are now investigating the incident to identify the suspects.

Watch the video: