“World’s first” flying car on sale unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Image capture of video via YOUCAR' Youtube website
  • Dutch aerospace firm Pal-V announced its new Liberty flying car
  • The car has a 200-horsepower engine that can reach speeds of 160kph in 9 seconds and a maximum flying speed of 180kph

Dutch aircraft manufacturer Pal-V has launched the “Word’s first” commercial flying car that can convert from drive to flight mode in just 10 minutes.

The “world’s first flying car production model” was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last week. They describe it as “a car that flies” and “a plane that drives”.

According to the Daily Star, it has a 200-horsepower engine – with a fuel capacity of 100 litres – that can reach speeds of 100mph (160kph) in nine seconds and a maximum flying speed of 112mph (180kph).

The model can fly 500km continuously without stopping for fuel – meaning it can travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, or London to Newcastle nonstop.

It has also a driving range of 1,315 km and already certified to fly and has met standard road-safety requirements.

The PAL-V Pioneer model is now available at the market, retailing for $499,000.

The vehicle will be cheaper to own and operate than a standard helicopter, while also being able to operate as a car. Costly hangar space is also spared, since owners can park the vehicle in a garage.