Authorities arrest 16 men for illegal ‘e-sabong’ or illegal online cockfighting

Image Capture of Video by GMA via Youtube channel
  • 16 men were a******d over e-sabong or illegal online cockfighting
  • Authorities found out certain individuals arranged livestreams of cockfighting events online and allowed people to make bets
  • Last month, over 150 men including cops, soldiers and a councilor were a******d over the same violation

Sixteen men were a******d for staging an online cockfighting or “e-sabong”. Undercover operatives from the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Bulacan discovered that certain people arrange a livestream of cockfighting at the Sta. Maria Cockpit Arena and ask people to place their bets.

This is considered a form of illegal gambling and is a violation of Presidential Decree No. 1602.

“Supposed to be, wala dapat makataya nu’ng e-sabong nila kasi offshore ‘yan eh. Offshore. Walang makataya na local. So napasok namin ‘yung website nila and then kahit na dito sa local, nagpapataya sila,” Police Superintendent April Mark Young, chief of CIDG Bulacan told GMA. [Supposedly, no one is allowed to make bets locally, only offshore (outside the country). But we were able to enter their website and found out that even locals make bets.]

The CIDG is still trying to confirm the owner of the illegal gambling operation.

Last month, over 150 men including cops, soldiers and a counselor were a******d in a raid on an online illegal cockfighting operation also in Bulacan.

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