Better late than never: 73-year-old goes back to school for unaccomplished dream

Photo from Pixabay
  • A 73-year-old man started attending classes again to accomplish his dream
  • Lalringthara said: “I felt, it is always better late than never”
  • The school’s headmaster said he has a great passion for learning

INDIA — A 73-year-old man decided to go back to school to win his unaccomplished dream that was hampered by family restrictions, as per a Times of India story on Friday.

Lalringthara, at the opening of a new academic year in Mizoram on April 3, started attending classes at the Upper Middle School at New Hruaikawn in Champai district; his goal is to accomplish his longtime dream of learning the English language.

“I felt, it is always better late than never,” he said as to what made him decide to go back to school at an old age.

To have a flashback, the old man studied during his childhood but stopped after his mother remarried. His father p*********y when he was two.

He and his siblings were then left to a distant relative who did not support his education, and he was made to work in the rice field.

Now, he got his chance to push through with the dream that he never accomplished before.

According to the headmaster of the government-run school Vanlalkima, the 73-year-old student has a great passion for learning, thirst for knowledge, and to learn something new.

“He is an inspiration and a challenge to both students and teachers alike. I am happy to be able to help him fulfill his dreams,” Vanlalkima said.