COMMENTARY: Sly Excuses of Traffic Violators

Unclogging the Metro Manila streets of traffic violators challenged the MMDA since day 1 of its existence.

Now, the MMDA found a workable formula: an immense potential. IF the standard procedure remains intact and uncorrupted.

The role of a camera annotator – I-Gadget- videotaping while the operatives catch traffic violators is a crucial ingredient in their campaign. As the procedure is public. the shenanigans get exposed. It prevents shady deals. Although they blurred violators’ faces, the shame-effect lingers.  Somebody who watches the News or YouTube might recognize them. That’s an ‘incentive’ for them to obey traffic rules the next time.

The team leader’s role, unwilling to buy the sly excuses of the traffic violators, is crucial.  A respected verbal slugger who can persuade the violators to accept tickets or their car towed for illegal parking. And one who imbues discipline among their ranks to prevent public backlash.

The MMDA spokesperson is necessary as part of the team; the media explainer of things runs afoul. That is to defend the MMDA’s renewed image and reputation.

And the demolition and towing teams and the policemen as well.

This is one long-term solution to decongest traffic. They found the right formula.

One or two infractions, plus the hassle, it’s a hefty price for traffic violators. For sure, they can mend their ways. Not anymore can they depend on their protector or backer. They don’t want their name involved.

The great challenge that awaits the MMDA is maintaining consistency; steadfast to the undue influence of politics.

The local leaders of Metro Manila, come election time, to get votes could disrupt the MMDA’s mission catching traffic violators. Then back to the old ways again. We’re hoping not.