Female Brazilian sports journalists kissed on live air; says enough to sexual harassment

Image capture of video via Bombando no YouTube's account
  • A Brazilian was left stunned after she was kissed live on-air by a shirtless man at a soccer match at the Sao Januario stadium in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday
  • Outraged fans and fellow journalists are striking back at sexist behavior with #LetHerDoHerJob

Last Tuesday night, Sao Januario stadium in Rio de Janeiro was packed with people, as the host football club, Vasco, is making its debut in the prestigious Libertadores soccer tournament against visitor Universidad de Chile.

Reporter Bruna Dealtry was describing the atmosphere in the game between Brazilian club Vasco and Chilean club Universidad de Chile, when the man caught Dealtry mid-sentence with the kiss that left her “humiliated”.

“I’ve always been a reporter who loves to celebrate with the fans. I don’t get bothered by people soaking me in beer, jumping around me or stepping on my foot,” she said in a Facebook post.

“But today, I experienced first-hand the impotence so many women feel in the stadium, on the subway, even walking in the street.

“I was kissed on the lips, without my permission, while I was doing my job. I didn’t know how to react and couldn’t understand how someone could think they have the right to act that way.”

Now, Dealtry’s comments sparked an immediate response from women around Brazil and other female journalists who joined a WhatsApp group and created the #deixaelatrabalhar (Portuguese for #LetHerDoHerJob) movement, according to CNN.

The group behind the movement posted a one-minute video about their experiences with harassment, both on- and off-camera, which has been viewed millions of times.