Karen Reyes describes her relationship with boyfriend who’s 14 years older

Image via Karen Reyes' Instagram account
  • Karen Reyes described that she is happier now with her relationship with “Sarkie”, who is 14 years older than her
  • The 21-year-old actress also publicly shared their official sweet couple moments
  • She said that the Silent Sanctuary band vocalist and her have a lot of things in common

Having a relationship with someone who has a huge age difference with you is still an issue for some people.

However, for female celebrity Karen Reyes “age is just a number” when she fell in love with Silent Sanctuary vocalist Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay, who is 14 years older than her.

The 21-year-old actress shared some details in their relationship.

According to the “Asintado” actress, Sarkie courted her for six long months before they officially became a couple. The celebrity, who has been single for 5 years proudly shares their sweet photos on her Instagram account.

During the ‘Skechers On The Move’ fashion show in Quezon City last August 8, the young comedienne jokingly shared that she just felt envious about other celebrities’ Holy Week travel vacation posts so she shared their sweet photos. However, she didn’t expect it will get a lot of attention from the netizens and even got write-ups.

She revealed that at first, she got surprised their age difference is that huge. For her, it wasn’t a big deal that he is a lot older than her because she said he is very nice.

Karen also mentioned they actually jive in a lot of things and they do not fight over petty matters that usually concern those couples with slighter age difference.

The female celebrity added she is happier now that she is in a relationship with a matured band singer.

Karen, who was an avid fan of her boyfriend’s band Silent Sanctuary, also shared that even if some netizens commented about their age gap she is still a proud girlfriend.

According to Karen, they have a lot of things in common. They have the same zodiac sign, Libra; they both grew up in Makati and have similar neighborhood and lifestyle back then.

She also mentioned her mom has approved of her relationship with Sarkie.