Pinay allegedly raped by Japanese she helped; suspect uploads r**e videos on FB

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube
  • A 23-year-old Pinay who welcomed to her condo unit a Japanese man in need claimed to be repeatedly raped by the same man she helped
  • The suspect also threatened to hurt her baby
  • The r**e videos were uploaded by the suspect on Facebook 

A 23-year-old Pinay in Taguig has accused a Japanese man of raping her after she welcomed the suspect at her house out of pity since he has nowhere to sleep.

In a video shared by GMA News on Friday, the victim supposedly tried to help Tetsunori Kishida who was broke and reportedly being blackmailed by another Filipina, his girlfriend.

The victim asked her boyfriend, another Japanese, if its OK for them to accomodate Kishida at their condo unit. The victim’s partner approved.

But things turned out bad for them.

“‘Pag hindi po ako nag-e-English, tinitingnan niya po ako ng masama. Tapos yung bata [anak ko] po, pupuntahan niya sa kwarto, kunwari itse-check niya lang pero ang ano niya po dun is ‘pag ‘di ako nag-English, sasaktan niya yung baby,” said the victim.

[He seem to get mad every time I don’t speak in English… and sometimes he goes to my child’s room and threatens to hurt the baby if I don’t speak in English.]

And when she can’t take it anymore and complained, Kishida hurt and raped her, the victim said.

“Kinuha niya po ako sa balcony tapos hinagis niya ako sa kama tapos pinilit niya po akong makipag-s*x sa kanya.” [He grabbed me from the balcony and threw me to the bed and forced me to have s*x with him.]

On March 29, the victim had the chance to escape from Kishida.

But Kishida started to blackmail her by threatening to upload their s*x videos on the internet if she would refuse to have s*x with him again.

“Nakita ko po sa Facebook, na-upload niya yung video na isa-isa niya pong inap-load. Sabi ko sa kaniya, ‘wag niya namang i-upload lahat naman gagawin ko. Kaso hindi niya po binura, at ginawa pa po niyang  public,”  according to the victim.

[I saw the videos on Facebook, he uploaded them all, one by one… I told him not to do it because I was willing to do anything. But he didn’t delete and instead made them public.]

The victim already went to the Taguig police while the barangay council has since issued a protection order.

Watch this video shared by GMA News on YouTube:

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GMA News, YouTube