Woman d**s after being ‘embalmed alive’ in horrific medical blunder

Image from botapress.info
  • A Russian woman went through a routine surgery at a local hospital
  • By mistake, she was given a formaldehyde drip instead of a saline drip
  • She died in excruciating pain, according to her mother

A woman died in agony after allegedly being ‘embalmed alive’ in horrific medical blunder in Russia.

A story by The Sun UK said 27-year-old Ekaterina Feyaeva, from Ulyanovsk City in western Russia, was undergoing an unspecified routine surgery at a local hospital last month.

But instead of being administered with a saline drip, she was mistakenly given the formaldehyde drip. The formalin is a chemical generally used to prevent the decomposition of the body.

The victim immediately went through agonizing convulsions before eventually slipping into coma. Her heart reportedly stopped beating several times while in coma.

Her mother, Galina, said she saw Ekaterina’s legs moving while her body was shaking in excruciating pain during the convulsions. The doctors allegedly did nothing for 14 hours after surgery while her body was filled with formalin.

Ekaterina was flown to a hospital in Moscow where she was attached to a life-support machine. Unfortunately, she succumbed to heart and lung failure days later.

The mother has accused the medical practitioners at the undisclosed hospital involved of murdering her daughter.

“People who performed the surgery already knew that they infused something wrong. They needed to take some urgent measures – but they did nothing,” she told The Sun.

Ekaterina was finally laid to rest last April 7 while investigation continues.