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65-Year-Old Man Plants 10,000 Mangroves For 8 Years To Protect His House From The Big Waves During Typhoon

When a 65-year-old man plants 10,000 mangroves for 8 years to protect his house from the big waves during typhoon, it serves as an inspiration. Act now and save the planet.

Nov 28, 20231633 Shares27217 Views
  • An elderly man in Leyte, Philippines has planted 10,000 mangroves for eight years.
  • He did it to protect his home from the big waves brought about by typhoons.
  • At the same time, he wanted to provide a breeding ground and a place for marine life to inhabit.
A 65-year-old man plants 10,000 mangroves for 8 years to protect his house from the big waves during typhoon.
The recent typhoons have made everyone worry about how nature can be so unforgiving at times. But maybe humankind has to receive a part of the accountability.
Over the years, illegal logging has denuded our mountains leading to flooding in our communities.
But what have we done so far to prevent this?

Making A Difference

A 65-year-old man in Matalom, Leyte in the Philippines lives in a coastal area, and he knew that big waves brought about by typhoons can pose danger to his nearby home.
So, to prevent that from happening, he planted 10,000 mangroves in Punong Village for eight years as a solution.
According to a feature by the Philippine News Agency (PNA), Gary Dabasol just picked seedlings of mangroves species like miyapi, pagatpat, and bakawanalong his area and he is now reaping the benefits of his plants.
In an interview with PNA, he said:
I’m glad that I was able to inspire people. I hope that they will also follow what I am doing.- Gary Dabasol
Dabasol added:
I also want to contribute to higher marine production by cultivating a spooning area for fish, crabs, and shrimps and other species.- Gary Dabasol

Sharing The Good News

A netizen named Dan F. Niez from the Municipality of Hilongos in Leyte was the one who shared Dabasol’s story on social media.
He went there for a short break and noticed how different it was from several years ago when it was still an open space along the shoreline.
Niez hoped that by sharing Dabasol’s accomplishment, it will inspire others to follow his example in protecting the environment and marine ecosystem.
He also wished that the government would support Dabasol because what he did is extraordinary for one person.

Importance Of Mangroves

According to EcoViva, a nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental conservation and sustainable development, particularly in the Central America region, aside from its role in coastal defense, mangroves have many other benefits.
They provide a nesting and breeding habitat for marine animals.
In addition, they help in maintaining water quality since they filter and trap sediments, heavy metals, and other pollutants.
Moreover, mangroves eliminate carbon in the atmosphere two to four times greater than the mature tropical rainforest.
It’s never too late to start caring for our environment.
We’re not the only ones who will benefit from it but the future generations as well.
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