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Kicker Daily News was established on 2013, and it serves as a forum for writers from all over the world to publish news, educational, and amusing content. An aggregator of news is Kicker Daily News. Our team of writers gathers news from various sources and builds original stories from them, much like an individual narrating a narrative in his or her own words.

We cover breaking news, feature guest opinion pieces, and trawl social media and the internet for issues that are trending and might be of interest to our diverse audience. Included in this are social news stories that may not have received enough attention or "fell between the cracks" at conventional websites.

Our news site wants to be a destination where people "wake up" in the morning to obtain their news and start their day. The Kicker Daily News was thus named.

By serving as a stepping stone for aspiring writers and journalists, our secondary goal is to aid in the advancement of careers, a location on the internet where users can refine their abilities and contribute to the site's income.

Our in-house editorial and the mentoring team help new writers and contributors by offering advice. We hope that by implementing this approach, the majority of our contributors will eventually decide to go on and use what they've learned to become paid writers for other sites.

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