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Kicker Daily News launched in September 15, 2013 to provide writers around the world — beginners and seasoned alike — with a platform to share news,  informative, and entertaining content.  Kicker Daily News is a news aggregator.  We find news from different sources, and our team of writers create their own articles based on these, similar to telling a story in his/her own words.

We cover top-of-news, opinion pieces from guests, and scour the internet and social media for trending topics that may interest the wide demographics we serve.  This includes social news items that may not have been given attention and have “fallen through the cracks” at traditional sites.

Our news site’s purpose is to become a place for readers to “get up to” in the morning for news — to sort of “kick-off” their day.  Hence, the name “Kicker Daily News”.

Our secondary purpose is to help further careers, by becoming a stepping stone  for aspiring writers and journalists.  A place on the web where they can hone their skills, while earning part of the site’s revenue as well.

We employ an in-house editorial and mentoring team that provides guidance to inexperienced writers-contributors.  We believe that this system will generate confidence and pique interest in journalism that someday, most of our contributors may move on, and apply what they’ve learned as professional writers for other publications.

office-workerAs of February 2015, received an average of 5.4 million unique visitors and around 12.5 million page views per month, with the top  53% coming from the Philippines, 13% from the United States, 5% from the United Arab Emirates, and 4.72% from Canada.

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