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Finally, A Filipino Tricycle Made History As It Crosses The Golden Gate Bridge For The First Time

Anyone waiting for this? Finally, a Filipino tricycle made history as it crosses the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. Watch out for the documentary and web series!

Nov 27, 20234617 Shares118372 Views
  • A Fil-Am-made Pinoy tricycle was spotted in the U.S., and it’s the first one to cross the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The tricycle is a public artwork made to connect with Filipinos and their Filipino-American experience.
  • It will be featured in a web series as well as a documentary.
After several years, finally, a Filipino tricycle made history as it crosses the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.
Who would have thought that a Filipino-American created a Philippine tricycle in California? It has been making waves on its highways.
Yes, it has finally materialized and was proudly made by a Fil-Am.

A ‘Traysikel’ In America

According to its social media account, this tricycle, named TNT Traysikel, is a “mobile public artwork that operates as a cultural marker for the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural Heritage District in San Francisco.”
SOMA Pilipinas is a cultural association in Northern California. “SOMA” stands for “South of Market,” which is a neighborhood in San Francisco.
The vehicle recently made a meet-up with the NorCal (Northern California) Pinoy Riders.
Sixty of them showed up. One of their routes included traversing the well-known Golden Gate Bridge.
The historical moment was documented.

Reactions From The Philippines

News quickly traveled to the Philippines and it has been shared multiple times, mostly by automobile enthusiast groups.
Some netizens jokingly reacted about the vehicle traversing at the center of the highways of San Francisco.
One said:
Buti diyan pinapayagan angtricycle sahighway. Sanaall (So, tricycles there are allowed in highways. Wishing for the same thing here!)!- anonymous Filipino
Another one commented:
Hanggang diyan ba naman sa ibang bansa nakagitna pa rin angtricycle.Sabi nang gumilid, eh(Even in other countries, the tricycle still occupies the middle of the road. It’s been told to stay on the side.).- anonymous Filipino

Web Series And Documentary

But wait.
The TNT Traysikel isn’t just an ordinary automobile we usually spot in our local streets.
It is the star of an upcoming web series, TNT SideCaraoke, a rolling interview show about Filipinos and the Filipino-American experience and the documentary TNT in America.
The tricycle was made by artists Michael Arcega and Paolo Asuncion.
It was funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission/Individual Artist Commission, with additional financial subsidy from Awesome Foundation, San Francisco State University, and Balay Kreative.
What do you think of this Philippine entry on the streets of Los Angeles?
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