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Graduating Student Rushes To PCCI Instead Of #RoadToPICC

A college graduating student rushed to PCCI instead of RoadToPICC. It appears he got confused with the initials! They’re also located in two different cities.

Dec 08, 20233463 Shares75284 Views
A graduating student rushed to PCCI instead of RoadToPICChashtag.
Graduation has become a last significant celebration to remember good times and hard work spent in the college years; the culmination of a long journey as a student.
You wouldn’t miss it for the world, right?
The day has finally arrived; the memory of every parent’s baby entering kindergarten flickers in the minds of parents as their children receive their college diplomas. But before all these, you first have to arrive at the venue.
Yes, the correctvenue.

PICC Or PCCI - Which Is Which?

Facebook user Richard Besana Bactong, a student from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila(PLM), shared a text conversation with his friend on their graduation day.
His classmate seems baffled as there appears to be no graduating students in the venue.
How come?
It turns out that he was in the wrong venue!
Instead of PICC in Pasay City, where their graduation rites will be held, he went to PCCI in Makati City!
PICC stands for the Philippine International Convention Center. PCCI refers to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Truly an OMG situation!

Change Venue

The good thing is that, according to Google maps, PICC is just a 20-minute ride away from PCCI, not considering traffic.
Did he make it?
Well, surely, he wouldn’t miss it for the world!
By the way, as of October 2022, according to a promotional video uploaded by PICC Manila on its YouTube channel, 3,685 graduation ceremonies were already held at PICC.
The world-class convention center was inaugurated on September 5, 1976, celebrating its 47th anniversary in 2023.
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