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Philippines Now The 3rd Most Disaster-Prone Country - 2016 World Risk Index

Reality check: The Philippines now 3rd most disaster-prone country, 2016 World Risk Index. The government must review its regional disaster management plans.

Dec 08, 202313380 Shares178395 Views
  • The Philippines is now ranked third most disaster-prone country in the world.
  • The information is based on the 2016 World Risk Index.
  • Topping the list are Vanuatu and Tonga, two Pacific-island nations that are at risk from earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms.
  • The Philippines was ranked third due to occurrences of volcanic eruptions and landslides.
  • Malta and Qatar were listed as the least at-risk countries of natural disasters.
It’s final: the Philippines now 3rd most disaster-prone country, 2016 World Risk Index.
Based on the 2016 World Risk Index, the Philippines was ranked third most disaster-prone countries on earth.
According to an article by Frank Schuengel and published by When In Manila, the Pacific-island nations of Tonga and Vanuatu top the list. They are more prone to experience storms, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

Natural Disasters

The report also mentioned that the Philippines ranked third because of the frequent occurrence of landslides and volcanic eruptions.
Malta and Qatar, on the other hand, are least at-risk of natural disasters while European powerhouse Germany is ranked 147th out of the 171 countries evaluated for the study.
As noted in the study, countries were not only evaluated based on occurrence of natural disasters.
It also took into account data pertaining to a wide variety of factors, including:
  • housing
  • paths of distribution
  • general economic output
  • the vulnerability of its transport infrastructure
  • the number of people in each country exposed to natural hazards

Other Factors To Consider

In addition to this, the index also factors in the country’s:
  • food supply
  • medical care
  • political situation
  • education
  • social welfare
  • research
  • early warning systems
Scientists from the United Nations University and from development organizations published the results of the study.
The findings stressed that as the Philippines is at a great risk from natural disasters, its people are also more vulnerable to natural hazards than those living in several other countries.
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