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Photo Of Korina Sanchez While Falling In Line Draws Mixed Reactions Online

Facebook shows a photo of Korina Sanchez falling in line at the airport. It created a buzz online. She earned some compliments but mostly received criticisms.

Dec 06, 20237438 Shares114432 Views
  • A photo of Korina Sanchez falling in line at the airportdraws mixed reactions after she shared it online.
  • Many said she posted it for people to take notice because her husband is running for president.
  • Some said that Mar Roxas changed her while a few expressed admirations for her.
A photo of Korina Sanchez falling in line at the airportappeared on Facebook.
Falling in line, taking a photo before going somewhere, and posting it online have become a common thing and which many people do every once in a while.
But combining these three did not please many online users when well-known broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas posted a photo of her while she waited in line at an airport.
Korina captioned the photo, which was posted on her Facebook, like this:
On my way to Cebu for a speech. Aba, opo, pumipila po ako.Ha, ha (On my way to Cebu for a speech. Yes, I also fall in line. Ha, ha.).- Korina Sanchez-Roxas
The lady reporter is the wife of Liberal Party’s standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, who is running for president, with his running mate, Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo.
Korina’s photo was taken before leaving for Cebu, where she was a speaker in an event held by a national organization of midwives.

‘Shouldn’t Be Posted’

Many online users who saw her post expressed their irritation with what they saw and described the act as “pakitang tao” [just a show].
They pointed out that if she really queues at all times, then she won’t pose for a photo and share it on Facebook.
Most people, commenters said, don’t post the usual things that they do.
One commenter said:
Pa-picture si Madame kasi minsan lang pumipila(She wanted a photograph because she seldom falls in line.).- anonymous netizen
While JS J. said:
Good job, Tita[Aunt] Korina, but nothing to brag [about], though. Is this unusual?- JS J.
This one commented by J. A.:
Aba, natural lang na pumila ka. Pare-pareho lang tayong tao(Of course, it’s but natural to fall in line. We’re all humans).- J. A.
B. E. said that Korina Sanchez might have purposely waited for people to take notice of her falling in line. Now after she was assured that she got the notice she was vying for, she asked to be photographed and uploaded her picture on social media.
Another online user posted:
It is but natural for us to follow rules and regulations. You, being a media person and a possible First Lady, are not exempted.- anonymous netizen

‘Mar Changed Her’

Meanwhile, some expressed that she “became better after marrying Mar.”
Online user M. G. posted:
Malaki na talaga ang pinagbago ni Miss Korina. Natutuhan n’ya ang pamumuhay na mapagpakumbaba mula nung namatay ang motherniya. Tumingkad pa lalo nung mapabilang sa pamilyang Roxas, na mga taong walang yabang sa sarili[Miss Korina has changed a lot, learned a life of humility after her mother died and more so after she became a member of the Roxas family, who are known to be humble.].- M. G.
Other netizens have opted to speak well of her though, saying that they see humility in Korina’s act, that she’s beautiful as ever, and have admired her ever since she started in broadcasting.
Some have expressed support in her husband’s candidacy, posting:
Vote straight for Tuwid na Daan[straight path] group.- some anonymous netizens
Several people just welcomed her to Cebu and praised her yellow bag.
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