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Pinay Girl Rejected From U.K. Grammar School Turns Out To Be Having An IQ Higher Than Einstein’s

A Pinay girl rejected from U.K. grammar school turns out to be having an IQ higher than Einstein’s! Plus, she’s only 11. Another school offered her a slot.

Dec 08, 20231768 Shares63127 Views
There’s this Pinay girl rejected from U.K. grammar school turns out to be having an IQ higher than Einstein’s!
A Filipina schoolgirl failed to make the cut at a grammar school in the United Kingdom despite having an IQ higher than that of the renowned physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955).
Mia Golosino, 11, had long been wanting to go to Aylesbury High School, a grammar school in Aylesbury, England.
It was her first choice of school. Her parents made her sit an 11-plus exam privately as part of preparation.
However, the school denied her a place, and the reason given was “over-subscription.”

The IQ Test

The parents decided to let Mia take the British Mensa IQ Test with a plan in mind to appeal the decision.
When the Mensa result came back, the parents were blown away by their daughter’s score - 162.
Apparently, Mia’s IQ is higher than Einstein’s, who is believed to have an IQ of 140. Stephen Hawking (1942-2018), another esteemed physicist, scored 160.
Mia’s mom, Mary, a full-time housewife, said:
We had completely forgotten about the test until we got the results. We couldn’t believe it when we found out. We were absolutely stunned!- Mary Golosino
Her father, Jose, an IT manager, was equally amazed and couldn’t believe that his daughter belongs to the upper 2 percent in the world who has that score.
He exclaimed:
We were amazed to find she scored the highest possible mark of 162 - more than Albert Einstein!- Jose Golosino
The proud father added:
This puts her in the top one percent of the population with high IQ.- Jose Golosino

New Country, New Challenges

The Golosino family migrated to the U.K. and have been living in Wolverton in Milton Keynes for the last 10 years.
Mia is also an avid ballet dancer and swimmer and dreams of being a judge when she grows up.
Since she was rejected by the Aylesbury High School, Mia will be going to Royal Latin School in Buckingham, who sent her an offer which they gladly accepted.
The parents said that they just wanted to share their daughter’s story to inspire everyone not to give up their dreams of going to the school they want.
Mr. Golosino said:
We thought it might inspire other families whose kids did not get into their preferred school.- Jose Golosino
It seems Mia has a bright future.
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