A Rookie Cop From the Elite PNP-Special Action Force Murders Two Men

Quezon City Policeme muzzling their guns on New year's eve. Photo Credit: Interaksyon
Quezon City Policeme muzzling their guns on New year's eve. Photo Credit: Interaksyon
Quezon City Policeme muzzling their guns on New year’s eve.
Photo Credit: Interaksyon

A rookie cop belonging to the elite PNP group Special Action Force (SAF) was arrested for killing two men in East Avenue, Quezon City early morning yesterday.

PO1 Joseph D. Kimayong Jr. was arrested for shooting to death Danilo Landasan, a security guard from AFM Industrial and Watchman Protective Agency and Angelito Bernabe, a taxi driver, for no apparent reason. According to Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) Director Chief Superintendent Richard Albano, Kimayong was reeking in alcohol at the time of his arrest.

A witness, Alvin Panoga, said he was with a friend when they saw Kimayong chasing Landasan, the guard on duty of Citiventure building at the corner of Magalang Street and East Avenue at about 2 a.m. Thursday. Landasan sought refuge inside the building, but the rookie cop caught up with him. Moments later, two shots were heard by the witnesses and saw Kimayong ran outside holding a hand gun.

The killer cop tried to hail a taxi, but none stopped as Kimayong was waving at the drivers with the gun still in his hand. He was able to board a bus, but got off after several blocks when he saw the taxi driven by Bernabe. The SAF police sneaked into Bernabe’s taxi.

The taxi was seen to make a u-turn at the corner of Agham Road and East Avenue, but suddenly stopped on the road side. Kimayong shot Bernabe once in the head instantly killing him, just as a police patrol car was passing by.

The responding policemen arrested Kimayong who peacefully surrendered. A caliber .45 Armscor with two live bullets was recovered from him.

When asked by the arresting officers what drove him to kill the two victims, all he could muster to say is “I don’t know what happened.” But later on, he offered another alibi by saying it was his drinking buddy who was responsible for the killing of Landasan and Bernabe.

A cursory inspection revealed the victims were both shot in the head. The guard sustained two gunshots while the taxi driver had a lone gunshot wound on his right eyebrow.

Investigators said the trigger-happy rookie cop reports to the SAF headquarters in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  He was undergoing training in communications and electronics at Camp Crame when he committed the crime. The motive for the killing is still unknown.

PO1 Joseph Kimayong Jr., who will be subjected to a drug test, is now detained in QCPD-CIDU holding cell.  He will face criminal charges for two counts of murder.

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