Charice’s Mom: Reconciliation Effort is Insincere

Photo Credit: Inquirer
Photo Credit: Inquirer
Photo Credit: Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – Racquel Pempengco, Charice’s mother, is not happy with the recent appearance of the singer on the morning program “Kris TV.” On that particular episode, the singer expressed through a song her longing to reconcile with her family.

Aired last Sunday in an exclusive interview with “Buzz ng Bayan”, Racquel said that she knew Charice was just putting on a show regarding the entire reconciliation thing.

“Hindi ako naniniwala. Hindi na ako naniniwala kung ngayon lang. Pero kung ang Charice dati ang nagsabi nun, malamang umiiyak na ako nun,” she said.

(I don’t believe her. At this point in time, I do not believe her. Perhaps if it was the old Charice who said it, I might have been crying then.)

Racquel said she was not able to personally see the “Kris TV” episode, but just learned about it from one of their store’s customers.

“Kasi minsan nasa cash register ako. Sabi niya ‘Mommy kinantahan ka ni Charice ah.’ Sabi ko ‘Ah hayaan mo siya kumanta.’ Dinadaan ko siya sa biro. Nandito lang kami, makikipagplastikan pa ba kami? Ang lapit lang namin para idaan pa sa ganun,” she also said.

(One time, I was at the cash register. She told me, ‘Mommy, Charice sang for you.’ I told her, ‘Ah let her sing.’ I just put humor into the situation. We’re within reach, are we going to play pretend with each other? We are not that far away for her to put that show.)

“Kilala ko si Charice. May e-mail. Alam niya ang number ko. Huwag na niyang gawing showbiz pa ang buhay namin,” she added.

(I know Charice well.  I have an e-mail account, she also knows my number. I wish she could refrain from turning our life into showbiz.)

Contrary to rumors, Racquel stressed that long before Charice’s public confession about her being homosexual, she has already accepted her daughter’s sexual preference.  But she added that the only thing she could not accept at the present is her daughter’s relationship with Alyssa Quijano.

“Ayaw ko kay Alyssa. Natatawa lang ako kapag nakakarinig ng kasal between parehong babae,” she said.

(I don’t like Alyssa. I tend to laugh when I hear talk about marriage between two girls.)

Even with Christmas approaching,  Racquel showed no sign of relenting,  considering she and Charice will spend it apart.

“Sanay na rin naman ako na ilang taon na wala siya kapag Pasko. Mula nung 2010 na hindi na magkakasama ng Pasko at Bagong Taon,” she said.

(I got used to it;  she had not spent Christmas with us for several years anyway. Starting in 2010, she had never celebrated Christmas and New Year with us.)

“Buzz ng Bayan” tried to get a reaction from Charice, but the singer chose not to comment on her mother’s statements.