Housemaid Accuses Employer Son,12, of Impregnating Her

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AJMAN, United Arab Emirates – A 28-year-old Ethiopian domestic helper (DH) in United Arab Emirates may face a jail sentence and deportation if the court decides she engaged in extra-marital sex with the 12-year-old son of her employers.

The Ethiopian DH was allegedly impregnated by the Emirati schoolboy after they had two sexual encounters at the boy’s residence in Ajman last June 2013—the first one in the boy’s room and the second time in the maid’s room.

Sex without marriage is strictly prohibited in the Middle East. The crime is penalized with a jail sentence and deportation for expats who are found guilty.

The family of the boy rushed the DH to the hospital when they found out she was pregnant.  The medical reports confirmed the housemaid’s pregnancy, saying she is due to deliver the baby in February next year.

The two were accused of engaging in extra-marital sex and were sentenced to six months in jail. The Ethiopian housemaid will be deported after serving her jail sentence.

The boy’s family hired an advocate, Eisa Bin Haider, to defend their son. At the court hearing, the prosecutors were able to ask the court to consider the schoolboy as a juvenile, since he is under 18 years old.

According to the UAE Juveniles Federal Law No. 9 of 1976, the accused aged under 18 years old perhaps could be reprimanded, chastised and rehabilitated as delinquent juveniles or homeless and not imprisoned.

The records said during the first intercourse, in April 2013 around 10 p.m., the boy went into his niece’ room where the maid was babysitting.  The boy allegedly covered the maid’s mouth with a shawl and had sex with her.

On the second incident in May 2013, the boy’s parents were as usual not around and the boy slept with the maid in his bedroom.

In the other report, the maid confessed that the boy made a hotel room reservation in Ajman where he had sex with her.

Bin Haider insisted to the court that the allegations were impossible and illogical.  It is illegal to accept a hotel room reservation for a young school boy and at the age of 12.

There is no hotel management that will allow or accept an under-aged hotel guest without his or her parents’ consent.

“He is a small boy and he may be tried to like someone, but he is not yet an adult. The Ethiopian housemaid was obviously involved in a sexual affair with a third-party,” Haider said.

“The maid may have been slept with another man and he should be in the trial court and not the schoolboy,” he added.

Apparently, the boy denied the accusations when police and prosecutors questioned him.  He denied having sex with the maid and being the baby’s father.

Haider also stated that the maid had an argument with the boy’s brother and when the family discovered her pregnancy, she accused the 12-year-old boy as the father.

The boy did not commit the crime, the maid fabricated the story to blackmail the family and avoid the deportation, Bin Haider added.

The Court of First Instance disregarded the boy’s denial and considered the maid’s confession.

Nevertheless, the prosecutors insisted that the alleged crime was committed by someone under 18 years old.

Bin Haider said the primary court amended their request to put the boy in a Juvenile according to Federal Law and got him acquitted.

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