Jake Cuenca Denies Involvement in Anne Curtis Slapping Incident

Photo Credit:http://www.examiner.com/article/anne-curtis-says-sorry-john-lloyd-cruz-jake-cuenca-remain-silent

After being alleged to be one of the causes of Anne Curtis’ outrage at a bar in the Fort last November 23, actor Jake Cuenca denied rumors linking him to the incident.

In his Twitter account last December 3, the 25-year old Kapamilya actor claimed he did not have any problems with Anne Curtis nor John Lloyd Cruz, another actor believed to have caused Anne’s misbehavior.

He wrote, “No I absolutley did not bang any doors and I didnt have any problems that night with Anne or jlc…”

Cuenca clarified his name after being implicated in a report released by entertainment blog Fashion Pulis last Monday. He and John Lloyd Cruz reportedly followed Anne Curtis when she went to the restroom. The two then pulled a prank on the 28-year old actress by banging the door. This agitated Curtis causing her to slap Circuit publisher JR Isaac and Leah de Guzman, who happened to be near the restroom. Cruz immediately approached Curtis after seeing the incident and admitted it was him and Cuenca who pulled the prank. This caused the furious Curtis to slap Cruz and call him an addict.

Too Old to Be Pulling Pranks

Cuenca defended himself in his microblogging site stating that he was “too old to be pulling pranks”.

“Um haters im a little bit to old to be pulling pranks on anyone and if you know me thats not my style. Get your facts straight guys.”

The ‘Maria Mercedes’ lead actor confirmed he was in the club when the incident happened. However, he insisted that something else kept him busy so he didn’t witness what happened.

“@jacquelinemegan nothing… yes i was in prive but i didnt see anything. I was busy minding my own buisness. Like things should be.”, Cuenca tweeted in response to one of the tweets for him.

John Lloyd Cruz Still Mum About the Issue

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN’s top talent John Lloyd Cruz has not yet aired his side of the controversy.

On December 1, Anne Curtis issued a statement about the issue in her Twitter account. The “It’s Showtime” host confirmed “most of” the reports are true. She had also apologized to all the people involved including the person who started the incident. The actress denied being “on drugs” when the incident happened.

Photo Credit:http://www.examiner.com/article/anne-curtis-says-sorry-john-lloyd-cruz-jake-cuenca-remain-silent
Photo Credit:http://www.examiner.com/article/anne-curtis-says-sorry-john-lloyd-cruz-jake-cuenca-remain-silent

Many believe John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca were the culprits.

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