Miriam Rages While Enrile Plays ‘Bejeweled’

The photo was screenshot from DJ Sta. Ana’s instagram account showing Senator Juan Ponce Enrile caught in the act playing Bejeweled during Sen. Miram Santiago’s privilege speech.

While everyone in the Senate session hall was all ears to Senator Miriam Santiago’s fiery speech, the target of the tirade acted as if he didn’t care and even conspicuously played his favorite video game “Bejeweled” on his iPad tablet.

While Santiago delivered her 22-page speech on Thursday, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile displayed total disinterest for all, including millions of television viewers, to see.

The lawmaker from Cagayan province was seated in front of the podium where the lady senator was speaking.

Last August, a photographer chanced upon Enrile secretly playing the same video game during a Senate session and took his picture. On Thursday, however, the former Senate President did not even try to hide it.

In her privilege speech, Santiago accused Enrile of being a “serial womanizer,” “sex addict,” “mentally ill,” “global gambling king,” “mastermind of plunder,” among others.

All the while, Enrile focused on his iPad, although there were times he would smilingly shake his head as if in disbelief with Santiago’s pronouncements.

Netizens, particularly those using the social networking platform Twitter, lambasted Enrile for his show of disrespect.  Twitter user “matabangutak” tweeted,  “lakompake sayo Sen. Miriam. Lvl 100 na ko” [I don’t care about what you are saying, Senator Miriam. I’m on Level 100], with a photo showing Enrile playing “Bejeweled.”

Another Twitter user, Cathy Santillan, posted: “Well JPE seriously leveled up from a-hole to douche! #BejewelledKing #respect #Senate.” Meanwhile, @krizzy_Kalerqui ranted: “So while Sen Miriam lambasts Enrile, the latter is playing #bejeweled. Our taxes pay him to do this? PUNYETA!“

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