Nancy Binay: You Can’t Satisfy Haters

Photo Credit: Philippines Defense Forces Forum
Photo Credit: Philippines Defense Forces Forum
Photo Credit: Philippines Defense Forces Forum

MANILA, Philippines – “There are people bent on putting the name of my family in bad light,” Senator Nancy Binay said in reaction to a negative report published by a leading broadsheet about an incident involving her brother, Makati City Mayor Jun-jun Binay.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that near midnight last November 30, Mayor Binay ordered the arrest of three security guards of the exclusive Dasmarinas Village who refused to allow his four-car convoy to pass the gate they are guarding.

The mayor reportedly came from her sister-senator’s house inside the posh residential subdivision and his convoy tried use the Bayan Road gate as exit.

Both Mayor Binay and the owner of the security agency allegedly denied that such an arrest was ever made.

“What was reported in the Inquirer had glaring biases and bends,” she said. “The video does not capture what really happened.”

She expressed gratitude to those who did not believe the “malicious” news, but added that “no amount of explanation would satisfy those who have never-ending dislike for our family.”

She added that she can only pray for peace and reconciliation instead of “kindling hate.”

The lady senator said everything about the issue has been cleared up and that she has nothing more to say about it.

 “This is a season of giving and forgiving. Time to move on,” she concluded.