20 Taiwanese in Telecom Fraud Nabbed in Pampanga

(Photo Credit: tempo.com.ph)

A rare joint effort between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and its Chinese counterpart resulted in the arrest of 20 Taiwanese and two Filipino-Chinese in simultaneous raids in Pampanga recently.

According to reports, members of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group and Ministry of Public Safety of the People’s Republic of  China raided the suspects’ safehouses in San Fernando and Angeles City in Pampanga that led to the arrests.

(Photo Credit: tempo.com.ph)
(Photo Credit: tempo.com.ph)

Sources said the police were able to seize from the suspects passbooks, cellphones, IDs, CCTV cameras, computers, laptops and several plate numbers of  vehicles used in their illegal operations.

Authorities said members of the group pretended to be policemen, judges or prosecutors to rich families in China and threatened to freeze their bank accounts for their  “involvement in money laundering.”

To avoid prosecution from their fictitious “money laundering cases,” the suspects told the victims to transfer a certain amount of money to a certain bank account.

The PNP are still conducting a deeper investigation on the cybercrime case as of the moment.

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