Anne Curtis Speaks Up, Backs Vhong Navarro

Photo Credit: Anne Curtis' Official FB Fanpage
Photo Credit: Anne Curtis’ Official FB Fanpage

MANILA, Philippines – Anne Curtis was in high spirits after signing another two-year contract with ABS-CBN last Wednesday, but quickly shifted into serious mood when she was asked by media about the controversy involving Navarro.

The 28-year-old actress comes to the defense of her It’s Showtime co-host Vhong Navarro, who is presently recovering from serious injuries after being attacked by a group of men last week.

“You know, for me kasi (it’s just), I’m just happy that talagang (really) he’s safe,” the actress said when asked to comment on the ongoing investigation about the mauling incident.

“I’m happy that he’s getting through this. Kasi napakahirap para sa isang tao na pagdaanan iyon. Siyempre, mata-traumatize ka. (Because it will really hard for a person to go through that situation. Of course you will be traumatized.) So I’m happy that, you know, he’s getting through it. He’s getting through it, he’s being strong,” she said.

Curtis added: “Whatever happens, we’re here for you no matter what. Alam mo ‘yan. (You know that.)”

Navarro filed criminal charges against eight people, including businessman Cedric Lee and model Deniece Cornejo last Tuesday. The actor-host claimed that he was a victim of extortion, and that he was blindfolded and tied up before being attacked by at least six men in a condominium in Taguig.

Lee and Cornejo, in several interviews, maintained the statement that Navarro attempted to rape the model, which is the reason for their group to restrain the TV host and carrying out a citizen’s arrest.

As Curtis was asked on Wednesday about how Navarro “treats women,” the actress said: “Kita naman lahat. How he is onscreen, gano’n din siya sa akin off-screen. Sobrang bait po niya. Sobrang bait.”

(“Everybody sees it. How he is onscreen, it’s the same off-screen. He is very kind, really kind.”)

Dubbed as “VhongAnne” by their fans, the co-hosts have formed a tandem of sorts on It’s Showtime, often teasing the shows’ audience with supposed “romantic” moments despite being open about their respective real-life relationships.

Curtis was also asked to react to speculations that other alleged “victims” of Navarro are set to speak up against the actor. In an earlier interview, Lee claimed that Navarro had “molested” seven other women, supposedly aside from Cornejo.

“I don’t think there is anything I can say to that, because I don’t know about it. I don’t know. For me, he’s always treated me well. He’s always been a gentleman to me, so I have nothing bad to say about Vhong,” Curtis answered.

On the possibility of Navarro returning to the noontime show, which the actor had co-hosted since it started in 2009, Curtis said, “Wala pa siguro. (Maybe not soon) One day at a time for him. And we’ll just be here to support him, no matter what.”