Couple Refuses to let Typhoon Agaton Ruin their Wedding Day

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Typhoon Agaton might have k****d a number of people and caused infrastructural damage around the Philippines, but it failed to stop a couple from getting married at a Roman Catholic church in Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

Newly-married  John Sonet Pagula and Julie Lagak Pagula are now all smiles after they successfully had their wedding ceremony on Saturday despite the onslaught of Agaton, which caused heavy rains and strong winds in different parts of the Philippines. Julie said their marriage could be considered as “love surge” since they were able to do it despite the typhoon that hit their place.

She revealed that she and her husband are very happy now that they were able to elevate their relationship to a higher level with blessings from God. Julie said they had long prepared for their wedding and they cannot allow anyone, even the force of nature, to ruin it.

The new wife said she and her husband will do their best to have their own children soon. She however revealed that they are not keen in naming their first child Agaton or Agatha if it is a girl, since they do not want their future angel to become a “typhoon” in their family.

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