Sharon Cuneta Says Goodbye to Twitter

Photo Credit: Inquirer
Photo Credit: Inquirer
Photo Credit: Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines ‘Mega Star’, Sharon Cuneta, said she had enough of the “obscene, painful words” that she has been receiving on Twitter. The actress decided to leave the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

It was early this week when the 47-year-old actress posted a series of tweets she directed to those “hiding behind anonymity, enjoying a very false sense of power.” She also asked her followers to understand her decision to take a break from the popular site.

“I know you’ll understand if I do not use Twitter for some time and just go back to living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love,” she said.

One of the posts the actress did before closing her account says, “I remember when life was simpler… When people had some degree of respect for one another because it was just a natural thing…”

Cuneta noted her achievements in showbiz, saying that she doesn’t deserve the kind of mockery she gets from some of the netizens.

“How easily people forget that I once maybe made them, or their mom, or someone they love, happy. The awards, the box-office queen trophies, the top-rating shows and #1 singles and albums. How easily they forget,” the actress said.

“I hope they remember more than any contribution I have made to my beloved industry the way I lived my life, raised my daughter with only the help of my parents and friends, how good of a daughter I have been. And how much I loved my public. Maybe they’ll even remember how very much they loved me,” she said.

Cuneta also has taken a break from Twitter last September, citing the need to rest from all the “meanness of people, the intrigues and questions.”

The earlier decision on leaving Twitter came after Cuneta drew criticism for congratulating Megan Young for becoming the first Filipino to be crowned Miss World, while stressing that, at least for her, actress Ruffa Gutierrez has “already won the crown.”