Copy of Newest Rape Complaint VS Vhong Posted Online

Left: The alleged victim, Cabanero; Middle: The alleged affidavit posted by Calvento; Right: The accused, Navarro
Credit goes to Mr. Tony Calvento for the copy of affidavit

MANILA, Philippines – An alleged copy of the latest rape complaint against embattled comedian Vhong Navarro supposedly filed by Roxanne Acosta Cabanero was posted by veteran journalist Tony Calvento on his Facebook account.

According to Calvento, said copy is a ‘faithful reproduction’ of an affidavit filed by an alleged rape victim against Navarro, although the name of the complainant was withheld.

Calvento claimed he obtained the affidavit from a very reliable source and that the complaint is now awaiting preliminary investigation at the Pasig Prosecutor’s Office.

The affidavit stated that the complainant is a resident of Makati City, single and was an official candidate of Ms. Bikini Philippines Pageant in April 2010. It also detailed how the alleged victim met Navarro during the pageant’s guest stint at “It’s Showtime” last April 24, 2010 wherein Navarro was described to have ‘appeared to be friendly’ to all the contestants.

During the show, a staff supposedly approached her asking for her cellphone number as requested by the actor, which the victim said she gave ‘as a matter of courtesy’, and after being amazed and honored at being his subject of interest.

She allegedly received a text message on the same day from an unknown number that turned out to be Navarro’s.  An exchange of messages between them finally led to Navarro’s invitation to go out, with the comedian offering to pick her up from where they’re staying at Astoria Plaza, Ortigas, Pasig City.

The complainant said she was initially reluctant to go out with Vhong Navarro, but finally gave in ‘thinking that it would be safe as he presented a quite friendly disposition’ and ‘didn’t see anything untoward about his intentions for the meeting.’

She then received a message from the accused, between 10:30 to 11:30 pm, advising her he would pick her up a few meters from the hotel to avoid being seen by fellow contestants and the public. They finally met in Navarro’s car, after recognizing the actor wearing a cap and introducing himself to her.

The complainant went on to describe the ‘passing conversation’ between them, the stop at a convenience store to buy food, with the actor waiting in his car, and discussions about Navarro’s career in showbiz.

It was allegedly during this conversation when the actor placed his hand on hers and ‘began to caress’. Although she was surprised, the victim continued, she gave him a friendly signal “ huy, ikaw ha!” to which to actor replied “Cute ka kase”. She said she wanted to show him she’s not comfortable since it was their first meeting and did not know much about the actor.

A little later, she claimed Navarro again started caressing her legs while parked under a shaded tree, to which she complained after feeling ‘extremely uncomfortable’ taking his hand away from her legs.

The complainant allegedly told Navarro: “Stop, don’t do that, hindi ko gusto yan,” to which to actor only responded with a smirk.

When she was about to get off the car, Navarro allegedly stopped and grabbed her, forcing her mouth to his manhood, forcing her to perform an oral sex on him. The victim allegedly profusely refused and begged Navarro to stop while crying.

After she refused to be comforted, the comedian threatened her by saying, “Tumahimik ka at wag kang papalag andyan lang sa unahan tao ko kapag pumalag ka sila na bahala sayo.”

His threat allegedly scared her and made her quiet, although Navarro persisted on his advances.

She went on to describe Navarro’s sexual assault, with him forcing his fingers on her genitals, violently attacking her, kissing her on her ears while groaning and finally forcing his manhood successfully into her, despite her strong physical resistance.

The victim said she cried whole time, begging him to stop, but she was overpowered by Navarro’s strength.

Navarro also tried to force her to perform oral sex for the second time, which she allegedly refused but couldn’t because he was too strong. She also tried to bite Navarro’s sex organ, according to the victim, but he was quick enough to let go of her head.

Still scared from Navarro’s threat, she supposedly chose not to aggravate the situation by keeping herself calm (even though she was shaking), and avoid harm from him and his bodyguards.

After the attack she was finally driven by Navarro back to the hotel but not without repeatedly threatening her life if the scandal broke out.

After dropping her off, she allegedly saw Navarro transfer to another car with two other men joining him before speeding away.

The complainant said she opted to keep the ordeal to herself for fear of not being believed, being a ‘probinsiyana’, and was also worried what harm Navarro may inflict on her.

Finally, she said, she confided to an older friend and sought advise on what to do against her attacker.

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