Ellen Adarna to Deniece: ‘Why Now in Public?’

Ellen Adarna Photo Credit: ABS-CBN
Ellen Adarna Photo Credit: ABS-CBN
Ellen Adarna
Photo Credit: ABS-CBN

Sexy actress Ellen Adarna is friends with businessman Cedric Lee and model Deniece Cornejo, the two principal suspects in the alleged extortion try and mauling of TV host-comedian Vhong Navarro.

Ellen is Navarro’s co-star in a movie that was set to start shooting this week but was postponed because Navarro would need a long time to recover from the attack.

Cornejo claimed that Lee and some of his friends rescued her from Navarro’s attempt to r**e her.

Lee and his companions mauled and tied the actor before bringing him to the Southern Police District headquarters in Taguig City.

Cornejo, in her sworn statement, claimed that Navarro forced her to perform oral s*x on him and tried to insert his private parts in hers but failed because of the timely arrival of Cedric Lee and his friends.

Navarro has denied Cornejo’s accusation, saying he was set up by the group of Lee and Cornejo in an attempt to blackmail and extort P1 million from him.  A CCTV footage seem to back up the actor’s claim.

During the launching of her first television series in ABS-CBN, Ellen Adarna gave her opinion on the r**e accusation made by her friend Deniece. Cornejo should have protested loudly if Vhong really tried to r**e her, said Ellen.

“As a woman … if you feel violated, you say it out loud. You say it to the person that, ‘You can’t do this to me.’” she told ABS-CBN. “Why now? Why now in public? You have all the rights. Women have their right to show what we can do.”

Adarna said she’s torn in the middle. She’s not sure who to believe. She claimed she’s not choosing a side because she does not know the whole story.

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