Video: Sons Accused of Killing Their Mother, and Drinking Her Blood

AMPATUAN, Maguindanao — Policemen arrested three siblings in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao over the weekend for allegedly killing their own mother and drinking her blood afterwards.

The three suspects were identified as Dante Amil, 35 year-old, Ibrahim, 18 year-old, and Paroy, 21 year-old. All three of them did not resist arrest done by village officials in their farm after killing their 56-year-old mother, Akrima Amil last Saturday.

As reported by “24 Oras” on Monday, the chairwoman of Barangay Kamasi in Ampatuan town, Bai Suraida Mamaluba, said the three siblings sucked their mother’s blood.

“’Yung lumalabas na dugo sinisipsip nila, ‘yung sa napaso, sinusubo daw nila yun. Yung pagsipsip ng dugo totoo ‘yun, kasi ang nagsabi mismo ang daughter-in-law who is present during the time of incident,” she said.

(“They were sucking the blood as it was coming out, the burned part; they are putting in their mouth. The blood sucking incident, it is real and confirmed by the daughter-in-law who was present at the time of incident.”)

Reports received described the victim’s body as badly bruised and was full of burn marks when found by authorities. One of the suspects denied the accusation that they intentionally killed their mother, saying that they were just performing an exorcism on her, supposedly aimed to drive away an evil spirit that possessed her that time.

“Wala naman siguro anak na papatay sa mismong nanay nila. Pati ako nagulat na nalaman na namatay na siya, basta nakakapangilabot noon. Mahirap i-explain, ” said Paroy Amil in the “24 Oras” report.

(“There is no child that will kill their own mother. Even I was shocked when I learned she died; it’s just horrifying. I cannot explain.”)

Local police of the town, who denied that the three suspects drank the victim’s blood, offered an explanation about the incident.

“In Maguindanaon term, meron daw itong [victim] laping, o kambal na buwaya (the victim has this ‘laping’ or a twin crocodile),” said Senior Inspector Ronald de Leon of the Ampatuan police.

“That time sinapian daw siya [victim] ng kanyang kambal, so… ininit nila [suspects] ang kutsara sa pugon, at inilagay sa dibdib at leeg ng nanay para daw maalis yung kambal,” he added.

(“That time, the victim was possessed by her twin, so the suspect heated a spoon in the stove, and then placed on her chest and neck so the twin is driven away.”)

Municipal councilor Anwar Emblawa from the adjacent Datu Abdullah Sangki town, said the suspects are identified with a clan in Barangay Dasikil, also in Ampatuan. The clan has the reputation among locals for being a haven of ghouls.

“There is an old story about a curse and these three men, according to local folk, belong to a family from a cursed ancestry, from where came these ghouls. For me, being a Muslim, that is superstition and I don’t believe in that,” said Emblawa.