Pinoy Engineer Accused of Sexual Assault on Teener in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE – A 36-year old Filipino engineer in Dubai is accused of molesting a 13-year girl while sharing an accommodation with the victim’s family, according to a report from Gulf News.

The sexual assault on the girl was reportedly discovered after the victim’s father oversaw his daughter on Facebook chat telling a friend about being kissed and touched by the suspect more than a year ago.

The suspect, identified only as N.J., used to share a flat with the family of the victim, during which the alleged molestation took place.

The 35-year old father, also a Filipino and a warehouse supervisor, told Dubai Court of the First Instance during the hearing, he immediately confronted his daughter over the alleged sexual abuse after seeing her Facebook chat admitting to a friend about being kissed by a man.

“When I asked her about the content and when did that happen, she cried and did not speak. Then she ran in to the kitchen and wrote on a napkin ‘I am afraid of what happened in Bur Dubai,” the father narrated.

The father said Bur Dubai is the place where his family used to share an accommodation with the suspect, N.J.

After repeated questioning by the father, the girl confessed on being groped and hugged by their former housemate, as well as being kissed like a grownup on several occasions.

The family decided to consult a psychiatrist but was told to report the matter to the police.

During interrogation, the teenage girl reportedly told the prosecutors of the incidents.

“We used to share the same accommodation with the suspect. The first time he hugged and kissed me was in the elevator when we were returning home from the grocery store,” she recalled.

“He groped and kissed me for the second time when I was studying in the sitting room while my parents were away. He molested me for the third time when I was in the kitchen. He asked me not to tell my parents about what he did,” the victim added.

The assault on the girl allegedly happened between March 2012 and April 2012, but was only discovered in October 2013.

However, the suspect denied molesting the girl although he admitted to have kissed and hugged her.

“I did not do such a thing,” N.J. said during his plea on charges of molestation before the court.

The case is now being heard in the Dubai court and is scheduled to reconvene on April 3.

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