‘Sabotage’ Stars, Scooby Doo Set To Guest On WWE RAW

Photo credits: MUSCLEANDFITNESS.com

Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger  entered Monday evening the sports entertainment scene as a guest in the World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship program.

The sports promotion announced the news; with fellow movie star Joe Manganiello also joining him, the two stormed the WWE’s Monday Night Raw episode live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Schwarzenegger and Manganiello were scheduled to appear in RAW to promote “Sabotage.” Their upcoming movie also showcased star Terrence Howard. Its plot, according to a Celebrity Gossip article, rolls on a flock of DEA agents being hunted down by an assassin after they robbed a drug cartel’s safe house.

“Sabotage” will be in theaters starting March 28.

Aside from the cameo appearances, expected to be featured in the episode was Daniel Bryan’s reaction after the authority conspired him in the program’s Memphis showing last week.

It was shown that Bryan, the 2013 Slammy Awards’ superstar of the year, was handcuffed by the “officers” ordered by Stephanie McMahon. But it was Triple H who delivered Bryan the worst punishment by further assaulting him, including a vicious steel chair shot his head.

The Wrestling News Source website also reported that Scooby Doo will be another guest in the WWE’s flagship program, in which  the popular cartoon dog and his Mystery Machine will be on hand to celebrate the DVD release of their Scooby Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery, a tie-up project by the cartoon filmmakers and the Connecticut-based sports entertainment company.

With their appearance, Arnold Schwazanegger and Joe Manganiello will become another celebrities in the World Wrestling Entertainment in 2014, after Betty White and Aaron Paul.

The comedian White appeared on the RAW episode when it is slated at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in early February; while Paul, a “Breaking Bad” and “Need for Speed” star, made his WWE cameo as Dolph Ziggler’s wing in pulling a victory over the latter’s foe Alberto Del Rio, also on Monday Night RAW episode slated in Chicago, Illinois.

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