Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates Birthday with Kids, Captain America

No, Robert Downey Jr. did not exchange his Iron Man suit for a tight fitting Captain America costume for his 49th birthday.

Instead, the actor opted to have a special screening of Captain America:The Winter Soldier on the day of its premiere. He also invited over 50 kids to watch the action at his place to party in Marvel fashion.

A week before his birthday, he revealed his birthday plans with Variety. He was asked about how much he loved Captain America, specifically, Chris Evans who portrayed the iconic role.

“By the way I am a fan of his. I’m not kidding. I’m having 50 kids over and I’m screening ‘Captain America 2’ on my birthday, which happens to be the day it opens. I haven’t seen it. That’s one of the perks of being on the inside track at Marvel. I hope it’s not watermarked too heavily,” the actor shared.

And so, during the day of his special day, the “Iron Man” actor turned to Facebook to spill some details of his grand party.

“What better way to spend my birthday than recognizing the cosmic miracle of Captain America 2 opening the same day? Gonna wrangle about twenty kids to watch it with and partaaaaaaaaaaaaay Marvel-style!!!” he said.

TV Host Ellen Degeneres commented on his post saying, “Happy Birthday! I’ll be right over.”

Captain America:The Winter Soldier has proved that Marvel knows how to punch in the action from the comics straight to movie houses while also bringing in the money.


It has set a record of $96.2 million in the United States which led this month’s box office records.

Aside from that, “The Avengers 2” is on a roll, in which Downey described it as “an ambitious sequel.”

But when Variety asked on how many Marvel movies he can be part of, Downey openly discussed the possibility that he might not be portraying the sardonic and charming Tony Stark in the long run.

“The smart money is you have to look at everybody’s age. I’ll put myself at the top of the list. Sooner or later, they’ve got to start over and get somebody young. I’m not there with them yet. It really is the closest thing to being a beloved contract player with a big old-timey studio that there is right now,” he ended.