Baby choked to death by a pistachio nutshell ‘not removed by paramedics’

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WEST BROMWICH, West Midlands – A seven-month-old baby boy was declared dead at Sandwell General Hospital after swallowing a pistachio nutshell which allegedly was not removed immediately by the paramedics.

On March 17 last year, Mrs. Rajwinder Kaur, aged 37, immediately called for help when her son was struggling for breath. Gauravdeep Bassi accidentally picked up a nutshell on the floor and ate it while he was crawling on the living room.

Mrs. Kaur was just cleaning away the baby’s toys when she suddenly noticed that he is struggling to breathe. No one noticed that he ate the nutshell nor how did he reach the floor.

While waiting for help, Mrs. Kaur and members of the family tried to pat the back of baby Rajwinder to remove what is blocking in his throat but they failed. They also tried chest compression as instructed by an ambulance service staff over the phone. The baby is still struggling to breathe.

A couple of minutes later, the paramedics arrived and checked the baby’s breathing and neck. They took him immediately and was brought to Sandwell General Hospital where he was declared dead due to ‘accidental obstruction of airways’.


An emergency tracheotomy should have been done on the way to the hospital according to Tamas Morton, a pathologist. It took 21 minutes before the baby died when they arrived at the hospital. Revival efforts too have failed.

The case is currently being investigated whether the paramedics are guilty for medical negligence since there was no underlying medical condition which caused the seven-month-old baby boy’s death.

Mr. Robin Balmain, senior coroner for the Black Country is set for circumstantial evidence since no particular information and no underlying medical condition were present. They are still waiting for the West Midlands Ambulance Service to send a representative before the inquest issues a verdict.