Elhadji Tacko Fall is tallest basketball player

With the height of 7’5 and a wingspan of 8-foot, Elhadji Tacko “Taco” Fall is now the tallest basketball player in the United States; even taller than the tallest NBA player Hasheem Thabeet of the Oklahoma City Thunder who stands 7’3.

Fall, aged 18, is from the town of Taveras, Fla. and is currently studying as a senior student at Liberty Christian Prep School in Florida. He is enormous considering his age that he cannot even walk straight through doorways in his school. According to his doctor, he is expected to grow at least two inches more in the succeeding years.

Because of his height, Fall is a ‘basketball project’ among young basketball players. It is a common knowledge for players and coaches that size cannot be taught and this is why this basketball giant has been receiving phone calls from different division one universities across the country to get him.

During practices and regular matches, Fall is very aggressive and is regularly found under the ring waiting for the ball to score for the team. In an interview done by Yahoo Sports with Fall, he said that it is better to play like a big man under the ring waiting for the ball and score.

(Photo Credit: wfmynews2.com)
(Photo Credit: wfmynews2.com)

His height makes it difficult for his opponents to reach the ball or block his shots once he gets the ball during offense. He is a lot intimidating during defense since almost all shots inside the perimeter are blocked and players are overwhelmed by his sheer height and towering posture. He is a dominant presence to reckon with his sheer size making his shots unblockable and boxing him out is nearly impossible.

If he doesn’t make it in the basketball profession, he sees himself as a biochemist in the future. He holds a 4.0 grade point average aside from being fluent in four different languages.

Fall is one of the most awaited basketball player in the near future especially if he makes it to the NBA.