Boy, 5, Fatally Jumps Off Room’s Window For Failing To Watch Spider-Man 2

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A five-year-old Indonesian boy made headlines on Friday after he jumped-off the window of his room in a 19-floor apartment in North Jakarta’s Penjaringan sub-district simply because he failed to watch Spider-man 2.

According to reports, the boy identified only as Valentino decided to commit suicide when his mother refused to allow him tow watch the film the Amazing Spider-man 2.

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The police said the boy’s mother told her son that they could not watch the latest installment of the hit movie franchise since his brother is sick. After being told that they could not watch the film, the boy reportedly locked himself inside his room.

Sensing that her boy had some bad things in mind, the mother hurriedly tried to find ways to open the door of her son’s bedroom. However, before she could open the door, the boy has broken the window and plunged himself towards the ground.

The boy was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physicians. The family of the boy are in mourning due to what happened to their loved one.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 stars Andrew Garfield as Spider-man and his real life girlfriend Emma Stone as his love interest. The movie is a huge hit especially for children all over the world.