KFC worker suspended after ‘putting pubic hair’ in customer’s meal

Photo Credit: Dailymail.co.uk

GABALFA, Cardiff – Famous fast food giant, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), suspended one of its staff members who admitted to placing pubic hair in a customer’s order as an act of revenge.

The staff claimed to the act and justified it as a payback after finding out that the said customer told her friend to “smile more.”

The details of the incident were posted online anonymously on the Facebook page entitled, “Spotted Cardiff.” The Facebook page serves as an avenue for people to air out their complaints against the Welsh capital.

The post on the Facebook page read: ‘Karma’s a **** girls, hope you enjoyed your food I made for you after overhearing the way you spoke to my girl on the head set be picking pubes out your teeth for a week’ (sic).

The post was signed off with ‘mwah’, a word used to express the sound of a kiss.

According to the staff member who claimed the act happened, the customers were a group of girls who drove through the restaurant between the hours of 1-1:30 pm, Saturday.

Members of the management of KFC said it was difficult to comprehend how it took place because there are four people in the fast food’s kitchen and had limited space. “Pretty cozy,” as they put it.

Furthermore, the “area coach” who interviewed the staff member who supposedly played the prank, said the staff denied that the incident happened at all.

To add on to that, the spokesman conceded that there was an ‘altercation’ at the drive-thru but maintained the fast food’s stance that no food was contaminated. They have also interviewed two other workers who were present at that time. The two workers insist it could not be true.

“We were already pretty confident that it didn’t happen. The post was put up and then everyone that was there was interviewed by the area coach,” she said.

“It takes a few people to make a meal and the other workers say there is no way she could have done it. Two other people are pretty confident that it didn’t happen. She has admitted it was a spur of the moment prank to draw attention to the people that were being rude,” she added.

The chain said in a statement: ‘We have thoroughly investigated this incident and can confirm that the content of the post is untrue and that the food was not contaminated in any way.

In a statement issued by the fast food chain, they said “We have the highest standards of food hygiene and do not tolerate even the suggestion of this kind of behavior, and therefore the employee was suspended as soon as the matter came to our attention.”

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