Man facing four counts of murder raps a******d right after his wedding ceremony

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A supposed happy wedding ended in sorrow and despair for newly married man Angelito Tanaid, 30 and wife.

This developed after the Philippine National Police a******d him after the wedding ceremony and their photo session at the altar of the Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church in Ronda town, Cebu Province, Philippines.

According to reports, the police implemented a pending arrest warrant for four counts of attempted murder against Tanaid but he was allowed to get married first with his live-in partner on Saturday morning.

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Argao Police Station chief Alejandro Batobalonos told reporters that when they arrived at the church the wedding had already started. Batobalonos said instead of immediately arresting Tanaid they decided to allow him to get married first before they handcuffed him.

Once the wedding ceremony is officially over, the police proceeded to arrest Tanaid who is still wearing a barong Tagalog. Tanaid peacefully gave in to his arrest and explained that he decided to hide after the cases were filed against him since his bail bond is too high for him to raise.

The wife of the suspect was crying desperately during his arrest but she eventually calmed down since she knew before her marriage that her husband is facing some charges at the Regional Trial Court. Batobalonos said the suspect who evaded arrest for five times already tried to negotiate with them that he be allowed to have his honeymoon first before he goes to jail.

The police official said they flatly denied the request of the newly married man saying it is against the law and just too much of a privilege for him. Sources said the criminal cases against Tanaid were reportedly filed when he was still an alleged member of a gun-for-hire group in the province.

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Bombo Radyo , Philippine Star