VIDEO: Woman Addicted to Pregnancy; Willing to Help Couples Who Cannot Conceive

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WIMBLINGTON, Cambridgeshire – Do you dream of having your own kids, but you can’t conceive for some reasons? Of course, there will always be alternatives, but what if time’s running out and you have no other choice? Here’s a solution: find a surrogate. But wait, here’s someone who would offer to become your surrogate.

Tara Sawyer, 37, is a mother of seven children, four of whom stays with her. The other three? She has handed them to couples who wanted to have children of their own.

Tara says she feels an utmost joy when she is pregnant. She feels incomplete, though, when she is not conceiving. In her interview with The Daily Mail, Tara shares that she is indeed addicted to pregnancy.

“It’s a huge rush from the moment the test comes back positive,” she says.

She recounts her feeling after she became surrogate to two couples in the last two years. “It’s an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it,” she adds.

Tara is happy to tell that she is at her best when she’s pregnant. “I feel at my best physically when I’m pregnant. I take vitamins, go swimming, do yoga and eat healthily,” she says.

All these efforts are directed towards delivery of healthy babies for other couples.

Asked why she has to do such instead of just focusing on her own family, Tara confesses that she was adopted and she wants other couples to feel the joy of having their own families through surrogacy.

How did her addiction to pregnancy start?

Tara relates that she wanted to be pregnant after her twins, Jack and Noah were born. The twins, who are now 4 years old, were born via caesarian section during their 29th week for unequally sharing of the placenta.

Tara, who used to work for people with learning disabilities, feels she was deprived of pregnancy, although she did not want to have another child of her own. “I didn’t want any more children, but I was desperately craving the pregnancy.”

Screen Grab from Barloft TV YouTube channel
Screen Grab from Barloft TV YouTube channel

The mother of 4 thinks that surrogacy was the solution to her yearning. “When I’m not pregnant I feel empty and only a baby can fill that void,” she says.

Her husband, Matt, supports her decision to carry other’s children. “He knew I was feeling broody for the pregnancy and he knew that there was a hole that I needed to fill,” she says.

From the moment she conceived another couple’s baby through artificial insemination, she says she was totally addicted. “It was an amazing experience from start to finish.”

Asked if she felt any maternal love for the baby, she says that she did not feel any rush, but, “handing her over to her dads was a feeling like no other.”

What if her biological children look for her?

Tara and Matt will address this by being open to the children. “We’ve all decided that being open is the best approach and I’ll answer any questions they might have, but I’ll be clear that I’m not their mom.”


She is again preparing for her next pregnancy after she delivered bouncing baby boys last January. “I wouldn’t say that this is handing a baby over; this is handing a baby a back,” she tells Barcroft TV.

Tara says she wants to continue her surrogacy as long as she can. “I want to help so many people so it’s something that I’m going to carry on doing as long as I can,” she ends.

In the United Kingdom, surrogate mothers are entitled to received £15, 000 or $ 25, 260.

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