Zoren talks about tax evasion case, family and new endorsement

Photo Credit: Niceprint Photography/Yahoo News

MANILA, Philippines – Zoren Legaspi, who had been a hot item for facing tax evasion charges recently, confirmed in an interview that he is doing the necessary steps to clarify that he did in fact pay the correct amount of taxes. The tax evasion case is filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for supposedly failing to properly file Legaspi’s income tax for 2010 and 2012.

The actor said he does not hide anything from his family especially his twins Mavy and Cassy. “Well, they know everything.”

During their launch as the newest family endorser of Jolly Spaghetti for food-chain giant Jollibee held at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati last May 15, he shared, “Alam naman nila eh. But I make sure na kaming mga magulang ay hindi masamang ehemplo sa mata nila. So ‘yun ang isang rule sa bahay. Kahit saang anggulo hindi kami dapat maging masamang ehemplo sa kanila.”

(They know about it. But I make sure that we as parents are not a bad example to them. So, that’s one of the rules in our house. We should not be a bad example to them in any angle.)

Photo Credit: Nice Print photo
Photo Credit: Nice Print photo

The 42-year-old father also shared that as a breadwinner, he has always tried to handle money matters well for the sake of his family’s future.

“Well, you have to kasi alam mo naman ang buhay; minsan nasa ibabaw ka, minsan nasa ilalim. ‘Yun ang panahon na parang I want to be ready na pag dumating ang panahon na nasa ilalim kami, walang regrets dahil there was a time na marami kaming endorsements,” he said.

(Well, you have to (save), because life has its ups and downs. That’s the time when I want to be ready, if down times happen, there will be no regrets, because there was a time when we had so many endorsements.)

“Alam ko naman darating yung panahon na baka wala na, at least we’re somehow stable kasi hindi ako nagsugal, hindi ko winaldas ‘yung pera, kumbaga ininvest ko nang tama. Ang bisyo ko lang naman ay mahalin si Carmina (laughs),” he also added.

(“I know that a time will come when there might be none, at least we’re somehow stable, because I never gambled, I never spent our money carelessly. Rather, I invested it properly. The only vice I have is loving Carmina.”)

For those who do not know, Carmina actually reunited with the company that gave her a hand in opening the doors of show business for her.

Zoren says, “Laging sinasabi ni Carmina na ’yun ang nag-trigger ng kanyang acting career. Pagkatapos niya nung commercial na ’yon (para sa Jollibee), hinanting na siya ni Mother Lily, in a good way ha! Pinahanap na talaga siya para i-launch kasama nina Aiko (Melendez).”

(“Carmina always say that that commercial catapulted her into stardom. After she did that Jollibee commercial, Mother Lily looked for her, in a good way. They searched for her to be launched with Aiko Melendez.”)

Meanwhile, Carmina shares, “I’d really been wanting to have this commercial; hindi lang ako kundi the entire family. By the way, meron akong storyboard in mind kung ano talaga ang gusto ko with the entire family,” she says laughing, while adding that she’s been waiting for it since she gave birth to the twins.

(“I’d really been wanting to have this commercial, not only me, but the entire family. By the way, I have a storyboard in mind as to what I really want with the entire family.”)

After doing their first commercial with Jollibee as a family, Zoren said he and Carmina try not to let the lure of showbiz get into their children’s heads. “Ang kagandahan sa kambal, alam nilang trabaho, pero hindi nila alam na ‘yung trabaho na yun ay may suweldo, ‘yun ang kagandahan sa kanila, hindi nila hinahanap ‘yung suweldo.”

(“The good thing about the twins is that they are aware it’s work, but they don’t bother about the salary. That is what’s good with them, they don’t ask about the pay.”)