Marlene Aguilar: Ka Freddie’s Wife is a P********e, has STD, Not a Minor

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Marlene Aguilar, estranged sister of Ka Freddie Aguilar, has joined the fray in the family feud saga involving the singer with his 17-year-old wife, Jovie, on one side and the rest of his family on the other side.  The fight had apparently spilled to social media, with Marlene and Ka Freddie’s daughter Maegan accusing Jovie of creating fake Facebook accounts to threaten and bash them.

Not a Minor

Marlene also accused Jovie of faking being a minor for attention but is actually going to turn 24 this November.  The revelation is supported by a screenshot of a supposed conversation between an unknown user and Joylyn Albao, the sister of Jovie.

In the conversation, Joylyn admitted that Jovie was born on November 29, 1990; therefore, no longer a minor last year when Ka Freddie had drawn flak for having a relationship with one.  The singer was even called by the public as a pedophile and was forced to convert to Islam so he could marry the supposedly minor Jovie.

In another screenshot, Jovie merely scoffed at the people b*****g her for posting a sexy photo where she was only wearing a bikini and a sexy bra top, saying that the Islam conversion was merely a ploy so they could get married.  This prompted Marlene to urge the Muslim Sharia court to act on the photo.  In the message, she also said that Jovie is apparently asking the Sharia court to nullify her being a Muslim.

She also posted a screenshot of another conversation, this time between a certain Jeil Bunilla Gale and Jovie (Jovie Gatdula Albao in the screenshot but sporting a pic of her and Ka Freddie).  Gale was egging Jovie, telling her that a lot of people are already angry with her and that Ka Freddie’s sister already knows her real birthday.  Jovie, however, merely laughed and said that she doesn’t care, something that apparently angered Marlene even more.

A sexy photo of Jovie Aguilar Photo credit: Facebook/Marlene Aguilar
A sexy photo of Jovie Aguilar
Photo credit: Facebook/Marlene Aguilar

A P********e with STD

Marlene also claims that Jovie was no longer a virgin when she entered into a relationship with Ka Freddie.  Also, she thinks she is promiscuous and is a lover of a mayor she did not name in the post.  She also said that Jovie is actually sending money to an ex-lover who is allegedly trying to blackmail her.

She also accused Jovie of being a GRO (guest relations officer, a term used to sugarcoat the word ‘p********e’) and that she is currently under treatment for STD (sexually transmitted disease).  Jovie allegedly suffers from genital warts or condyloma acuminata.  Aguilar supposedly got the information from Jovie’s gynecologist.

It was supposed to be the reason why Jovie could not get pregnant anymore because her womb is already damaged.

No Taste in Girls

In another one of Marlene’s posts, she declared that even when the young woman is already married to her brother, she would never welcome Jovie to the family, calling her a ‘lowlife’ as well.  She said that her brother no longer has a taste in girls, probably because of his old age.

Photo credit: Facebook/Marlene Aguilar
Photo credit: Facebook/Marlene Aguilar