Maryland woman receives fries with Marijuana

Photo Credit: NY post

FREDERICK, Maryland – A Maryland woman wanted a regular meal as she ordered at a Sonic Corp fast-food restaurant, but to her surprise, her French fries comes with something extra. The fries were served with a bag of Marijuana.

Carla McFarland, a 35-year-old mother from Frederick, Maryland, and her children were about to eat  chicken strips for lunch on Thursday, when the incident happened, reports Reuters.

According to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, McFarland started eating with her children ages 6 and 8, when she discovered a small, green plastic bag of marijuana in her fries.

Spokeswoman Lieutenant Jennifer Bailey told the media on Friday that no arrests had been made and the incident is under investigation.

McFarland, who was very shocked with what took place, posted about her experience on Facebook, along with a photo of the bag.

“So after a few hard weeks I decided to take the kids to Sonic for lunch,” she posted.

“I order, food comes, I open a bag and this is what I see after three double takes … yes that’s what it is.”

Photo Credit: Frederick News Post
Photo Credit: Frederick News Post

McFarland also shared on Facebook that a Sonic employee claimed ownership of the marijuana.

The employee was immediately fired from work, as McFarland also called the police’s attention regarding the incident.

“After getting my food free, telling them to remake my order, the employee admits it’s hers, is fired on the spot and I call police. Her punishment? Nothing but her lost job. Furious! Still in shock! Great hands-on drug lesson for kids… I guess,” McFarland added on her post.

Patrick Lenow, the Sonic spokesman, gave a statement that the restaurant management had also contacted the police and was cooperating with authorities.

“The employee involved is no longer associated with the company, and the franchisee is conducting an investigation to ensure the issue is fully resolved,” he said in a statement.

The Frederick franchise location of Sonic just opened last month.

As to Maryland’s law, possession of small amounts of marijuana is a misdemeanor.