VIDEO: Mob sexually assault woman during Egypt’s new president inauguration

CAIRO, Egypt – The widely-anticipated inauguration of Egypt’s incoming president was overshadowed by a shocking video showing a woman allegedly sexually assaulted by a group of men in Tahrir Square that went viral online.

The graphic video showed a woman attacked and stripped naked by a mob and with bloodied patches on some parts of her body while struggling to get away from the crowd towards a waiting police vehicle.

A flurry of fireworks can be seen and heard from the background supposedly because of the on-going revelry while thousands of people celebrated the inauguration of Egypt’s new president, Abdel Fattah al–Sisi on June 08.

According to The New York Times, the victim was a 19-year-old female student who was hospitalized after Egyptian police saved her from the mob who chased her and tried to grab and touch parts of her body.

The video showed the naked victim fall down to the ground while she approached the van as the police helplessly tried to thwart her attackers. No further details were divulged by Egyptian authorities after the incident.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and quickly spread like wildfire drawing condemnation from social media people around the world. It was removed, however, for its graphic content and was replaced by a blurred version (see below).

What further angered netizens is another video uploaded on social media showing a correspondent of a local TV network reporting from Tahrir Square and telling the anchorwoman in the studio about rampant cases of sexual a***e during the new president’s inauguration.

The anchorwoman just laughed and replied, “It’s because they’re happy.”

In recent news, Egyptian police has reportedly a******d seven men suspected of sexually abusing women during the celebration that were positively identified by the victims. It was not clear, however, whether it was connected to the assault on the video.

Egyptian women constantly suffered from sexual a***e or assault especially in large crowd gatherings and demonstrations that even female journalists covering an event were not spared.

A 2013 United Nations report about gender equality showed more than 99 percent of Egyptian women suffered some form of sexual harassment and a***e while more than 80 percent felt unsafe on the street.

During al-Sisi’s inauguration alone, the “I Saw Harassment”, a group documenting sexual harassment in Egypt has reportedly recorded at least five cases over the week.

“It is shameful that the security leaders of the Ministry of Interior did not take into account any security measures or plans to prevent such incidents,” a statement from the group said.

Last March a woman in a supposedly provocative outfit was also sexually harassed and stripped of her clothes inside Cairo University where the suspects were allegedly mostly law students from the same school. The incident also provoked anger from women activists in Egypt and outside the country.

Watch the blurred version of the video here. Credit goes TO  the uploader, Roberto DaldalAiro: