‘Battered’ pics, teaser for Claudine’s new endorsement?

Were the pictures of a ‘battered’ Claudine Barretto just a teaser to her new endorsement?  When a photo of her with bruised, scarred thighs emerged on GMA’s Chika Minute, a lot of people were surprised.

Captioned as ‘battered wife’, the photo drew speculations that ex-husband Raymart Santiago was hitting her.  She did not mention his name nor accused him of domestic abuse, but the question seem to hang in the air.

A few days later, Raymart released more photos of Claudine, this time showing that the photos of a ‘battered’ Claudine were taken after she underwent some plastic surgery procedures.  The new series of photos shows a happy Claudine, leading Raymart to caption one as “About one happy battered wife…???” [View Raymart’s version here]

Claudine did not issue any statement regarding Raymart’s released photos, but her lawyer took to Twitter to explain how she managed to use makeup to hide the scars of the alleged domestic abuse in the past.

New endorsement?

However, new photos seemingly answer so many questions regarding the ‘battered wife’ pic.  Twitter account @itsmeclaudineb posted a tweet of an Instagram post yesterday, July 25. Two of the pictures were similar, with the other one just an improved version of the other. These were of a beautiful Claudine in front of a promotional tarpaulin for vermac.

Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/q3WokNuG1G/
Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/q3WokNuG1G/

Apparently, these were taken during a launch event of the product. She captioned the photo as ‘VERMAC @ SMX MOA’.

The other shot was that of a medical kit, which contained some gauze bandages, medical tape, surgical scissors, tweezers, and a pack of a product marked with ‘vermac’.  All photos were uploaded by Instagram user @claubarretto.

Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/q3WyoyuG1M/
Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/q3WyoyuG1M/

In a blog post, the soshal network speculated that the release of these new photos could possibly explain the ‘battered’ pic.  The latter had confused many people, including one of the blog owners known as ‘P’ (which stands for code word ‘Provinciated’), although the post was written by ‘D’ (‘Domesticated’).

They wondered why Claudine was wearing skin-tone bathing suit and make-up in the supposedly battered photo, which also appeared to be a studio shot.

The brand uses a catchy slogan, ‘wounds heal thru time’, in apparent reference to what Claudine has purportedly gone through.  If these speculations are true, then the battered pics were simply teasers to the ad campaign, after all, not evidence of domestic abuse.