BREAKING NEWS: Miriam announces on FB: “I have cancer of the lungs”

MANILA, Philippines – Feisty senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago made a startling announcement on her Facebook account – she has cancer of the lungs.

In a series of Facebook statuses, the senator from Iloilo surprised her 1.6M plus followers with a heartbreaking announcement this morning that started with a cryptic message, “I will hold a press conference today at 11 am, where I will make two major announcements.”

Her message immediately stirred the imagination of her followers; mostly speculating and hoping Santiago will finally announce her intention to run for the presidency. With such expectations, netizens were quick to throw their support behind the senator’s supposed candidacy.

An hour later however, her next message doused water on the excitement. She wrote “I have cancer of the left lung” followed by the hashtag #MiriamFight.

Messages of support from netizens flooded the comment section right away, mostly sending prayers for the senator. Some advises Miriam on which hospital she could probably seek treatment.

Her next post was more of a confirmation that she is indeed afflicted with the disease. It read “I have come so you can me personally before cancer ravages my body.” The missing word between can and me, although it was obviously missed unintentionally, was left for the netizens to guess and the senator has not bothered herself yet to correct it.

Her succeeding post were “I don’t smoke I don’t drink”, “I don’t know the reaction of my enemies. They can get rid of me. But on the other hand, I might survive and I will get rid of them,” and followed by “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t commit adultery. I only tell lies to my husband.”

Finally, to end the series of post regarding her new battle, she wrote, “I hope to see you in six weeks recovered, after going through treatment.”

Santiago has been for a long time complaining of her illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also the main reason why she is frequently absent from the Senate session.

Just recently, she officially resigned as International Criminal Court (ICC) judge on June 1 citing the same untreatable medical condition as the main reason.

Watch her official media briefing care of  GMA 7: