DJ Mo Twister vs. Estradas in a heated Twitter feud?

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MANILA, Philippines – DJ Mo Twister, Magic 89.9 disc jockey, tweeted last Thursday night July 3, “Does Jolo Ejercito have Twitter? I was hoping to cyber-bully him”.

This started the Twitter war between Mohan Gumatay (DJ Mo) and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s children.

The incident happened a week after the Instagram post of the senator’s son, Joseph Luis Manuel “Jolo” Ejercito, showing his family’s lavish lifestyle which was bashed by many netizens.

Sen. Estrada is involved in the pork barrel scam and is now detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center. The senator is facing one count of plunder which is non-bailable and 11 counts of graft.

After DJ Mo’s tweet, Jolo’s younger brother Julian, an actor, replied with, “be professional you douche”.

Gumatay countered with a tweet saying that it is inappropriate to ask him of such thing because they don’t work together, then called Jolo “Bobo” (stupid).

Julian Estrada answered DJ Mo’s tweet saying that he doesn’t know the whole story. He even included a hashtag #djbobomotwister

Afterwhich Mo tweeted, “The profession is to not steal. To help the less fortunate instead of making them lesser fortunate”, Julian didn’t answer back, but Gumatay followed another tweet. “Wait. Now I recognize you! You were on the jet when your douchebag deluxe bro was trying to show off all the stuff WE BOUGHT HIM”.

One of the controversial posts of Jolo on his Instagram account was a photo of him and Julian in a private jet.

After Julian stops responding to the 36-year-old DJ, his sister, San Juan councilor Janella Marie “Jel” Ejercito joined the Twitter feud to back his brothers up.

Janella, Estrada’s eldest daughter, replied to DJ Mo with an Instagram post, calling him “too old to bully on social media.”

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She also said “But I guess people like you do not deserve any amount of kindness because you think that being controversial in terms of being rude to other people makes you marketable. Now, we pity you even more.”

Gumatay also tweeted Jel a link to a page detailing RA 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, telling her that it also applies to her brothers.

After the heated argument, the councilor’s Instagram account was set to private and later on appeared to have been deleted, but screenshots of their exchange have already made the rounds online.


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