Freddie Aguilar ‘off the hook’ from child abuse raps

Freddie Aguilar Photo Credit: Inquirer

Legendary folk singer Freddie Aguilar was cleared of the child abuse charges against him.

The Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the case of child abuse against Aguilar for insufficiency of evidence and lack of legal personality of the complainants.

In a resolution, Assistant City Prosecutor Edgardo Saplala cleared Aguilar of the child abuse complaint as the complainants “have no personal knowledge as to whether or not Aguilar was having sexual manipulation and intercourse with his 16-year-old wife.”

Freddie Aguilar marry his 16-year-old girlfriend in Muslim rites. Photo Credit: News Graph
Freddie Aguilar marry his 16-year-old girlfriend in Muslim rites.
Photo Credit: News Graph

The charges of corruption of minor against Aguilar’s in-laws were also dismissed by Saplala for lack of probable cause.

Last year, lawyer Fernando Perito said he felt outraged, scandalized and offended by Aguilar’s sexual exhibition by bragging that his girlfriend, who is now his wife, was just sixteen years old. He filed a qualified seduction against the singer. Atty. Perito was joined by Peter Sesbreno and Cristine Joy Bangalisan in his complaint.

As a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Atty. Perito said he has a moral obligation to sue Aguilar. He said he has an obligation and duty as a lawyer to do what is right and to prevent what is wrong.

Perito, Sesbreno and Bangalisan later amended their qualified seduction complaint to violation of Republic Act 7610 or anti-child abuse act.

The lawyer said the 60-year-old Aguilar committed child abuse when he allegedly used his popularity and his money to woo a minor from a very poor family with a promise of marriage once she reaches the age of 18.

On December 2013, Saplala received an affidavit of desistance executed and signed by complainant Peter Sesbreno.

Saplala said in his resolution that “the complainants’ allegations were clearly based on surmises, gossips and speculations which in law are not evidence to support the instant cases filed against the respondents, to stand even a day in court.”