Palace reacts, PNoy’s emotional SONA moment not a sign of weakness

MANILA, Philippines – The President of the Republic of the Philippines was not able to control his emotions on the last part of his SONA.

The display of emotion showed by PNoy garnered some reactions from the public. However, Malacanang Palace issued a statement on Tuesday saying, “President Benigno Aquino III’s rare public display of emotion during his fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA) was completely spontaneous and should not be construed as a sign of weakness.”

Herminio Coloma Jr, Communications Secretary said in a statement,”Evidently, the President was speaking from the depths of his personal commitment to live up to his parents’ noble legacy.”

Coloma referred on how Aquino delivered his last part of SONA simultaneously and not referring to the prepared text on the teleprompter.

In the GMA news report, Coloma was asked whether PNoy’s reaction was a sign of weakness. However, he disagreed and instead talked about emotional intelligence.

(PhotoCredit: Google)
(PhotoCredit: Google)

PNoy was talking about his parents legacy saying,  “Mga boss, binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataong pamunuan ang transpormasyon… Kung tinalikuran ko ang pagkakataon, parang tinalikuran ko na rin ang aking ama’t ina at ang lahat ng inalay nila para sa atin. Hindi po mangyayari iyon,”

(My Bosses, you gave me the chance to lead the transformation…should  have I turned down the chance , it was  like turning back on my father and mother, and all they sacrificed for us. This will not happen.)

While delivering his speech on their parent’s legacy, the presidential sisters were teary-eyed as Kris Aquino was seen crying at the gallery.

The show of PNoys softer side gained respect from the lawmakers, even those coming from the opposition side, according to the report from GMA news.

However, not all can be moved by the show of tears, as others accused the president of showing crocodile tears.

Reactions coming from progressive groups say:

“Aquino only wanted to place himself on the same pedestal as his parents, ” said  Antonio Tinio of ACT, a Teachers party-list representative.

In a separate statement he also said, “The President turned the State of the Nation Address into a State of Aquino Address. He somehow managed to make it about himself.”

“Tearing up was Aquino’s way of luring the public. Aquino should stop portraying himself as the hero, for in this case it is clear to the people: he and his corrupt rule is the enemy to overthrow and fight against,” said Vencer Crisostomo, of ANAKBAYAN.

It is a “malicious daydreaming” that “failed to address the plight of the education sector, branded Charlotte Velasco, League of Filipino Students (LFS) spokesperson.

She also said, “Seeing Aquino cry crocodile tears didn’t shake up the fierce determination of the indignant youth. The regime should watch out for there are more mobilizations to come.”