Plane makes emergency landing after cocaine in drug mule’s stomach bursts

The Virgin Atlantic Flight made an emergency landing in Bermuda Photo Credit: Daily Mail

A 48-year-old drug mule from Birmingham in West Midlands of England, who swallowed 61 pellets of cocaine, almost died when one of the packs burst inside his stomach; forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

Before boarding the plane, Colmin Smith swallowed several packets of the white substance. He planned to smuggle them to London Gatwick from Antigua, Guatemala.

After Smith settled into his seat for Virgin Atlantic flight to London, he suddenly felt very ill.

Fearing for his life, he immediately informed a flight attendant that he ingested a large amount of the illegal substance and believed one of the pellets inside his stomach burst.

Cocaine Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Shortly after speaking to the air steward, he passed out.

“After I informed the flight attendant, in my mind I died. I felt d***h coming,” the British drug mule said.

The cabin crew immediately leapt into action and prepared the passengers and the plane for an emergency landing.

The flight made an emergency landing in Bermuda’s L F Wade International Airport where medics from the Caribbean island’s King Edward VII Memorial Hospital were placed on standby, ready to receive Smith.

The drug mule was taken to this hospital in Bermuda. Photo Credit: Irish Mirror
The drug mule was taken to this hospital in Bermuda.
Photo Credit: Irish Mirror

The operation that saved Smith’s life revealed that he had 239.9 grams of cocaine in his stomach. The drug was found to be 73 percent pure and carried a street value of £40,000.

Smith was full of gratitude and thanked the crew’s actions that saved his life, saying: “I’ve met a lot of nice people here.”

The drug mule appeared in front of the Hamilton Magistrates Court in Bermuda and was ordered to pay £471 or face 80 days of imprisonment.

A senior member of Bermuda’s narcotic unit said that if Smith had been found guilty of supplying the narcotics, he would get a life sentence. But because there was no evidence that the cocaine was to be peddled in Bermuda’s streets, the drug mule could only be charged with possession that carries a maximum penalty of £588 ($1000).