Police obtain warrant to photograph US teen’s sexual organ in sexting case

The Police have obtained a warrant to photograph a teenager’s erect sexual organ, after he was involved in a sexting case in Manassas, Virginia in the US.

According to the Manassas City Police, the 17-year-old boy has repeatedly been warned to stop sending his 15-year-old girlfriend with photos and videos of his erect sexual organ by his girlfriend’s mother who discovered the explicit messages. When he failed to comply, she went to the police station to formally file a complaint.

He now faces a jail term of four months.  Aside from that, he would spend the rest of his life listed as a s*x offender, the young man’s lawyer Jessica Harbeson Foster revealed.  His name was withheld from the media.

Under the law in Virginia, any obscene photos of a juvenile is considered as child pornography.  The person who possess these pictures can be charged with possession of child pornography, regardless if the pictures are of himself/herself.

Police obtains warrant to photograph his manhood as evidence

In order to prove that the photos/videos of the sexual organ sent to the girlfriend are those of the young man, the police were able to obtain a warrant from court to take a photograph of the body part in question.  This can be achieved by a drug-induced erection at a medical facility.

This twist to the case got the attention of the media and public, who pressured the police department not to proceed with the court-approved photograph session on the young man’s sexual organ.  People commenting on news articles relating to the case blast the police for further humiliating the teen by obtaining the warrant.

Carlos Flores Laboy, his appointed guardian ad litem [attorney appointed to serve as an advocate in certain juvenile cases, as defined by Daily Mail UK], confirmed the boy left the state in fear that police would serve him the warrant. Laboy concedes the boy must feel afraid and humiliated, consider he is just 17 years old. Such a matter would be quite traumatic to an adult, much more to a teenager, Laboy adds.

According to Foster, this is the first she heard of the police pursuing a warrant to photograph a person’s aroused genitals for use in court.

Bending to pressure, the Manassas City Police announced they would not proceed in serving the warrant.  They did not indicate, however, whether they would still pursue the case, and what other evidence they are holding against the teenager.

Whether the teen would serve jail time or not, his lawyer believes it is outrageous to place him in the s*x offender’s list for his entire life.

Manassas City Police later issued a statement, admitting it was not within their policy ‘to authorize invasive search procedures of suspects in cases of this nature and no such procedures have been conducted in this case’.